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About Cadvabglobal Services

Cadvabglobal Services is a privately-owned strategic consulting, International business development & Manufacturers Representative company providing sales/marketing/procurement/business development services to the oil and gas industry, financial services, healthcare, academic institutions, communications & media, industrial products and marine industry.

Boniface Kawei


Boniface Kawei is a results-driven professional with over 35 years of experience in business development, international development, fundraising, and more. Boniface has expertise in providing small and medium-sized businesses with business advisory, Governance and management support, community development, private sector development, financial structuring and fundraising, and more. He is dedicated to achieving results and positively influencing the organizations and communities he serves.


Boniface has worked in numerous industries throughout his career, including oil & gas, international development, construction, financial services, healthcare services, and agribusiness. He is committed to fostering strong relationships with stakeholders and providing innovative solutions to difficult problems. Contact Boniface to learn more about his experience and how he can assist your organization in achieving its objectives.

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