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Business Functions

Business Functions

Your Partner in SME Management Support, Training, and Corporate Governance

Business Advisory Services

Cadvabglobal Services Ltd provides management support, training, corporate governance assistance to small and medium enterprises. These business advisory services include:
I.Development of plans, due diligence and valuations
II.Business diagnosis and Capacity development and Community development
III.Financial structuring including financial inclusion and fundraising

Enterprise Support Service

I.Organizational/Human resource development and training

II.Entrepreneurship development

III.Developing Marketing and sales strategies

IV.Helping in Purchasing and inventory management systems

V.Helping in Productivity improvement and quality controlVI.Helping in Improving Finance and Accounting systems

Business Enabling Environment

We are well positioned in the Public and Private sector to advocate and promote macro-conducive environment for the small &medium enterprises, encompassing trade, gender, business support finance, regulatory and policy issues. Cadvabglobal services undertake research and development assignments to encourage growth of the SME sectors.

Business Functions
Business Functions

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) 

A procedure that involves the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic organizational improvements in such critical measures of performance as cost, quality, service and speed. Our BPR consultants will work with your organization to streamline its work processes in a way that make sense for your IT systems and staff, and encourage innovation, helping you to enjoy a higher return on your technology investment.

Business System Planning

Cadvabglobal’s experienced consultants will help you to change your processes and systems efficiently and effectively. We will define the relevant processes and procedures, clarify gaps, issues, and opportunities presented by current-state of IT applications and architecture and develop a future-state along with a migration path and a road map for change that supports your business and provides business leader with confidence and measurable results.

Business Functions

Business intelligence and performance management

In today’s fast-paced business climate, harnessing business intelligence is crucial to competitive advantage from reducing cost, enhancing efficiency, improving accountability to stakeholders, and maximizing productivity. Cadvabglobal consultants will provide your organization, with insight necessary to make better business decisions faster by using current application software and other technologies (BI tools)to gather, store, analyze and provide access to data, and present that data in a simple, useful manner

Organizational Design

Good organizational design is about the organizational structure to support the strategic business plans and goals of an enterprise. Our aim is to ensure that given the mission and business strategy, senior consultants would take an integrated approach to organizational design by utilizing multiple lines of evidence to provide a fact-based assessment including governance, structure, key processes, and organizational culture. The expected result would be a detailed picture of your strengths & weaknesses, providing the knowledge to help you improve compatibility and overall efficiency.

Project Management

Cadvabglobal’s professional and PMI- certified consultants bring a proven approach to delivering successful business projects on behalf of our clients. Our Project Managers will consult with all parties involved in a project to ensure that co-ordinating the organizing, planning, scheduling, directing, controlling, monitoring and evaluating of prescribed activities as per stated objectives of the project, manufactured good or service are achieved on time and within budget.

Supply chain Management

Basically is the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating Net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging world-wide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally. Cadvabglobal’s experienced industry consultants will help you analyze your supply chain, improve efficiency, help reduce redundancies, and increase decision- making speed. We can rate supplier performance, develop vendor score cards, and provide the vision to reform or optimize your management processes.

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